New shoes & a challenge!!

Published January 5, 2012 by hardass83

So, a quick post while the poppet is asleep!!

A few of you will see in a few posts ago, that I purchased new runners…my gorgeous pink and black Fila’s.  Well, well, well after some hard yakka but only 5 days use, we ran into problems and they had to be returned!

The lovely ladies at the store were great and it wasnt a problem to return them; they were just as surprised to see the condition they were in after such a short period of time.  However, they did say that Fila is not a brand they usually stock (and only get the sale stuff to offload on Fila’s behalf) and so wouldn’t recommend them.  Ok, lesson learnt; don’t choose runners soley on how they look!

Another interesting fact I learnt from them is that your runners should never have to be ‘broken in’.  They should be perfect right from the get go!!  So, with that in mind, off I went to choose a new pair (and not simply pick up the same Fila’s).

I tried on a few and then it was a toss up between New Balance (I’m a NB girl through and through & the shop urged me to stick with what I know), and Nikes.  Well without dragging it out, I went with the Nikes.  Feel like they fit like a glove and they are gorgeous as I’m sure you’ll agree!  The NB just didn’t feel ‘right’ this time.

Well to get my 12wbt journey onto a roaring start, I posted a FB challenge…for every like, I’d row, bike, run, x-train etc.  You get the idea!  I had 32 likes (way less than I thought!) and so began this morning with a nice 4.67km walk with my DD and sports model pooch (border collie).  I think her lack of exercise was showing though as she was NOT behaving like a sports model, more like old man style.  I ALMOST turned around and gave up cos I found I had to pull HER too much but then thought ‘no, this dog is MADE for long distance running so she can JFDI’!!  And she did! (Though I did have to share my water bottle with her!)

So 28km to go and I will get stuck into that tonight when I head to the gym.

Anyway, this challenge really made me sit up and look at my fb ‘friends’.  I had seen many of them come online and not like my challenge and I wondered why.  Not surprisingly, most of these were old friends, ones I went to school with or worked with.  Most of them I don’t talk to anymore, some of them I see out and about, we glance at each other and either I or they look the other way.  So what is the point?  If we are only going to have a virtual link where we don’t even talk online, do I really want these people sticky beaking on my journey, which, when you think about it, is most likely the ONLY reason we remain virtual friends.  And I may sound harsh, but I don’t really care about what some of these people get up to, but they are listed as a friend simply for the fact we either, worked together, went to school together or uni together.  So I’m going to purge them.  Whilst I am overhauling my body I may as well include my support network as well.  It’s nothing personal, I’ve just never sat down and thought about what purpose these people have on my life.

Anyway, the intended short post has turned into a long ramble so I’m signing off to chase another elusive dream 🙂


A walk, a 000 call and a lost garage key!! What a day!

Published January 2, 2012 by hardass83

What a day we have had!

This morning miss Ellie and I decided to go for a mammoth walk up to WOW as the gym was closed.  I don’t normally wear my HRM for walking but seeing as I’ve read that some people do, I thought, why not? Lets see exactly what a walk can do!

So, on went the HRM, watch, water for both ellie and I plus sunnies & runners on!  Grabbed the electric garage door key and off we went.  Oh and ipod on too, NO exercise gets done without that!!  Before we left I remembered my ipod has a sports function that can track your steps and then convert them into klms so I turned that on too.  I knew the walk was going to be a long one but didn’t think it would be 7km!!  Oh and that doesn’t account for the extra walking I did trying to locate my lost garage door key either as I was so angry I turned off my ‘happy music’!

Yep, sometime into the walk I lost the garage door key!  I only discovered this on the stretch home and suspected I may have lost it when I layed ellie down in the pram as stuff tends to fall out of the pocket when I lay it down.  This just made me more angry because she fell asleep near the beginning of our walk!!

After a frantic call to hubby he agreed that I should re-do the route in an effort to find the key as obviously it leads straight into our home.  I was not impressed; at all!  By this stage I was mighty pissed off, sunburnt and just really wanting to get home; oh and dear ellie had started whinging!!

So I walked back towards WOW, about a km when i thought “hang on, stuff ALWAYS falls out of that pocket, thats why I NOW put the garage key in the side of the nappy bag’…lo and behold, there it was!! YAYAYAYAYA!!

So a very happy me put my ‘happy music’ back on and headed for home.  As the sun was scortching I went a more shady way home (which I had been avoiding due to some fire in the distance).  Thus I discovered the fire was not so far into the distance and was just a few streets away.  Half my brain was saying “its prob just burn off, no need to worry” but the other half was saying “what if some dick lit a fire in the bushland there, I cant just assume that someone’s already called 000.”  So, out came the phone and I called my first 000 call in 12yrs!  Needless to say, the lovely fireries tell me they are at the scene and thanks for calling.

What a day we had!  And after all that, the ducted air was quickly switched on, lunch was made, myfitnesspal was updated and Ellie was due for a nap…

Anywho, off to officially join 12wbt!!!

oh and gym tomorrow…thank gosh its open cos i am not a happy camper in the sun!!


Wk 4 – Mini Milestone

Published March 11, 2012 by hardass83

Hello again!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post but things have been very hectic in the Hardess household!  So last blog I left you pondering the reasons vs excuses debate.  This blog will be a mix up as its all happening!

On a side note to training, and very briefly, I got a new job around 5wks ago, resigned from my old job (yes, no longer the big city lawyer!) and have been juggling working, training and baby!

Now I’ve been asked to work FT so that begins from tomorrow…bring on the challenge!

Anyway, back to training…all going well!  We hit a red flag a few wks back as we went on holidays.  All training gear went with me…and i mean ALL…i think the boxing gear even made it into the car!! The resort had a gym, so my intention was to train for an hr each morning before breaky so that it was out of the way and not hanging over my head every day.  Am proud to say, 4 out of the 5 mornings I trained, as promised.  I actually thought the resort had a huge gym but must have been confused with another place (i researched sooo many resorts before booking one!) because on my 1st morning I was very shocked.  The room was half the size of my double garage and had 2 treadmills, 2 bikes, a xtrainer and sml weights section squeezed into it!  It was small to say the least!  But I perservered, as it was only for a few days and it was important to keep my promise to myself (and others).

I did relax my nutritian a little to compensate for being in holiday mode….camenbert was eaten as well as 2 bottles of sav blanc, some 80% cocoa chocolate and grain waves chips.  However, I stuck to the portion sizes as stipulated on the packaging and made sure i came within my 1200 cal quota.  And came out of the week with a 100g weight increase.  Happy with that!

Then unfortunately, we arrived home and I became very unwell.  I was admitted into hospital after a rush to emergency with severe abdominal cramps.  Fluids were given, blood and pee taken.  Turns out I had a stomach infection.  Another week off work, 2 days of minimal food, spewing and no training!  Lost 400g.  Just goes to show, if we eat and train we loose more weight!  Oh, mic also ended up in hospital, he started spewing too (actually before I did…), no idea what he had as the wait was so long he didnt hang around to find out, just got his shot of whatever they gave him and left.  Thanks to the Big Guy, Ellie was spared and stayed healthy throughout our ordeal!

Anway, so I’m back on track and thought I’d share my stats with u so far:


6.5kgs lost & 22cms


4.4kgs lost & 21.5 cms

Fitness Test completed at the beginning of 12wbt:

21 pushups (on knees) in 1 min; 1min 11secs on the wall sit & 6min 18secs for my 1km run


So far 1.7kgs lost (in 10 days)

Fitness Test completed at week 4:

7 pushups on toes and 24 on knees in 1 min; 1min 35secs on the wall sit & 5mins 51secs for my 1km run


Total cms lost – 43.5cms

Total kgs lost – 12.6kgs

So, onto the mini milestone.  My interpretation of this is to do something totally different from what you normally would.  So, we decided to climb a mountain!  Initially, we were going to do Mt Cootha’s Kokoda track, however from my research it just didn’t seem too difficult and not very long.  So I tossed up between Toohey state forest and the Glasshouse Mountains.  Again, from research, Toohey didn’t seem to have much incline so the Glasshouse Mts won.  We weren’t very organised and hadn’t really decided on which mountain to climb so just packed out lunch and headed out that way.  I had decided a few wks ago that whatever mountain we did climb, that I was going to do it with a weighted bag on my back to represent whatever weight I had lost to date.  Yesterday, I thought it was around 10kgs so planned to just have the 10kgs but with our water bottles in it, I loaded it up to 12kg knowing that the water would be depleted and the weight would eventually end up at around the 10kg mark again.

So we headed out to the mountains.  At this stage, it was around 1030am as we had Ellie’s swimming lesson in the morning.  So it was warm.  The 1st mountain we came across was Mt Tibrogargan.  I knew from the website that this mountain had the most choices for climbing; there was the summit climb (unfortunately closed due to the recent rain), the circuit (3.3klms) and the Trachyte Circuit (6.6klms).  We choose the Trachyte Circuit as it was the longest and classed as a difficulty of 4.  After doing the climb, I think its class is inaccurate.  We didnt find it very difficult at all; obviously it had some steep incline spots and I think the hardest bit was the climb to the Jack Ferris lookout right at the beginning of the climb, but the rest was disappointing in difficulty.  Oh well, we know for next time!  Here’s some pics of the climb:


As you can obviously see, I’m carrying a 5kg dumbell…well, this was originally in my backpack, but once we arrived at the carpark, I walked about 100m to the loos and my backpack, despite being really tight against my back, the dumbell was shaking the backpack and it was hitting into my lower back.  No way I could do it with it in my bag.  Mic said I was silly to carry it all on my back and said the climb would be enough…no, not for me.

So…solution? I carried the offending dumbell the entire 6.6kms…well except for a river crossing and maybe 50m up a ridge.  Stupid thing was trying my patience by the end and my shoulders were killing me but felt great doing it!

So, that was my mini milestone…I climbed a mountain with a weighted backpack!

Next milestone is in wk 8 and we’re going to climb Mt Coolum, with no weights this time as mic has done this climb and says its nearly entirely vertical and I def wont need the extra weight!  Then for the big wk 12 milestone, we’re tackling Mt Warning and indoor rockclimbing! Can’t wait!!

Anway, I’m off to run to the shops (not literally!) to grab a few things, then dog park with the pooch and a MB dvd to end my day.  Hope my fellow 12wbters had a FANTASTIC IWD fun run!!!

Hope ur all having a great, active wk end!



Excuses vs reasons & my commitments

Published February 1, 2012 by hardass83

Hello again bloggers!!

I have been very tardy with my blog the last few wks but am happy to report that I am still on track…clean eating and fitness have not faltered, its just my blogging that I’ve been lazy with!!

Just an update for you all…since Jan 1st 2012…6.5kg GONE! together with 22cm!!  GOOOOODBYE!!

I’ve noticed my fitness increase quite dramatically; I was even getting a bit bummed last wk as I struggled to get my HR above 145 despite pushing my limits.  Well, I only just recently discovered the reason…my HRM strap wasn’t tight enough.  For some very silly reason, whilst I know I’ve lost the 6.5kg, this didn’t really comput to tightening my chest strap, until a few nights ago I participated in a Fight Do class (omg soooo much fun!) and found I was constantly pulling it up!  So have tightened it and its all systems go!!

So my topic of discussion this blog entry is excuses vs reasons.  One of the 12wbt podcasts last wk was about just getting out there and doing it! Recognising our excuses and kicking them to the curb; being a robot if need be and just doing it!  Now, if I’m honest I don’t fully agree with some things being classed as excuses.  And before you sit there and say, ‘oh theres another excuse right there Jo’, hear me out.

I fully believe and always have, that some things are not excuses and there is a reason we choose a particular path.  Some may say being tired is just an excuse not to train, but depending on what’s happening with our lives individually, it can very well be a REASON not to train.  Now, the reason I hold these beliefs so strongly stems back to when I was in year 6 in primary school.  I remember quite clearly having hurt my ankle at home (but strangly cant remember how), mum sent me to school with it wrapped in bandage.  I dont recall there being a note of explanation to the teacher though.  Anyway, I remember I had a particularly viscious teacher (even remember his name…complete dick Mr Squires) who point blank REFUSED to accept my ankle was injured and made me run around playing dodgeball.  He kept saying, stop using it as an excuse, and I really couldn’t understand his argument.  I was injured, it was a game of running around.  I wasn’t using anything as an excuse, I was injured.  Simple as that.  There was no excuse, it was a reason.

Anyway, my point is that yes, get out there and do it! Embrace the journey and dont let excuses hold you back! But also, before you decide to tell somebody ‘no more excuses, JFDI, blah blah’ really think, hang on, is what this person is saying truely an excuse or does it sound like a valid reason or simply their choice.

My recent example is I had agreed to attend an outdoor training session last week.  Works out I couldn’t attend as my husband injured himself and became my ‘2nd child’ to look after.  I didn’t attend and had the ‘no excuses’ thing thrown at me.  I didn’t really bother explaining, but reminded myself that no it wasn’t an excuse, I simply chose not to attend and did my workout at a time more convenient for me.  So thats my take on excuses vs reasons.

Now, task 5…our commitments…I won’t explain mine, they’re pretty self explanatory and I have copied and pasted them below.


Well, saying it out loud!

My commitment is to complete the 12wbt with integrity, honesty and pride.  I will give each and every task my full attention and effort and will not falter when life gets in the way.

I will be strong, persistant and kind to myself along the way.  I WILL lose 15kgs from kick off and will successfully achieve this through clean eating, training and above all else a focus that will not be penetrated by negative thoughts, words or emotions. 

I commit to again wear my ‘WOW’ (war on waistlines – fernwood) dress one more time before it becomes too big.  I commit to being the very best version of me, for my benefit and my families and to encourage their participation in an active lifestyle.

I commit to be open to new adventures and to try new things with a sunny disposition. 

Finally and most importantly, I fully commit to investing the time and effort to achieve the above goals; to be the very best version of me.

Learning & Training = Winning :)

Published January 16, 2012 by hardass83

Hello all!

Been a little while since my last post, but lots has been done!

Today, pre-season for 12wbt kicked off.  I have just completed my first task which was a simple ‘introduce yourself’.  For those of you following but not playing along, I have copied and pasted my introduction below:

Hello all!!

I’m Joanne or Jo if you like!

I’m from Brisbane north, 28, married with an 8 month old daughter.

I’m a solicitor for a large insurance firm in Brisbane, & am shortly due to return to work from my leisure days on maternity leave!

I decided to join the 12wbt family as I need something to keep me focused. I’ve done the gym thing for a long time and love it. Unfortunately, when I was pregnant it was free for all!! All types of disgusting food made it to my mouth (and eventually hips and butt), and I slowly gained weight. However, I recall getting to around 7 months and saying to my husband “I may get out of this pregnancy fairly unscathed; I’ve only gained around 7-10kgs”…yes well my daughter had a late growth spurt, so despite the fact that eating everything and anything had gotten old and I’d started to resume normal eating, I continued to gain weight as bubs grew and grew!

Anyway, after around 18 or so kgs gained its time to shift the baby weight and then some!

I am sick of people saying to me “but you’ve just had a baby”…umm no, that was 8 months ago now, no more excuses!

So, along came 2012 and out went the crap! I’ve been eating clean since the 1st Jan and feel great. Training like mad also. Have lost around 3.5kgs so far and aiming for 15kg all up (however looks like I will revise this before kick off!).

So thats me. I also have a blog I will be updating as the journey continues, if you would like to follow.

Ok so task done, & the next to be released on Thurs.

So the last 2 wks have been a learning curve for myself and my husband.  We discovered the true caloric value of lots of foods and often found ourselves in disbelief.  Who would’ve thought a whole carrot has 56 calories?? Well not me.  My attitude was always “its fruit or veg, of course its ok”, which generally is true; obviously if your tossing up between chips or chocolate and the carrot, then go the carrot hands down!!

A very large and costly learning curve for me this wk has been the treat meal.  During our program, we’re allowed a treat meal on Saturday nights.  Whilst it IS considered a treat, you must still account for it in your daily 1200 calorie allowance. 

So, I was out and about with my daughter and on the way home I stopped into the 7/11 to pick up a weiss bar for hubby and I.  My hands were full, what with carrying Ellie (who’s approx 10kg), keys, wallet, and the 2 icecreams (which I had checked the calories on them and they were around 150ish), the old me returned and I grabbed one of those small packets of lollies they have at the counters at servos…you know the ones, they are about 150g and cost about $2.  Anyway, I picked it up, scanned the calories VERY briefly and bought them.  Munching on them in the car, sort of enjoying them, I got home and went to enter it into MFP….OH MY LORD!!! I had had a miscalculation! A HUGE one!…that packet of lollies apparently had 4 SERVES in it…WTF right?? who in their bleeding mind would get 4 serves out of it?? Anyway, I accepted that until I saw how many calories I had consumed…wait for it….652!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that little tiny bag of lollies cost me 652 calories!!!!  All I can say is I was grossly sick afterwards and I guess lucky I hadn’t eaten lunch (being out and about) and so I was able to still stay within my 1200 cal limit.

I promise you, I went on and on and on about those calories for at least 2 days, until my husband eventually said, “its done, move on and learn your lesson”…and so I did. 

I still had an awesome loss but now im more informed about what I eat.  So, for that individual I raked over hot coals (nah not really!) for eating her crackling, the above lesson is why…As long as you’re honest about what you have eaten and track it honestly, with no excuses as to why, success will still follow your actions.  Yes its ok to fall off the wagon every now and then; thats what the learning curve is all about!  But I say this…I am now fully aware and will never forget how many cals are in that packet of lollies…..are you??

Till next time folks



Goals, Goals, Goals & other important stuff!

Published January 3, 2012 by hardass83

Why hello again friends!

It has been a calm and quiet day in our household this morning.  As it is Wednesday, it is weigh in day.  Even though 12wbt hasn’t officially started I thought the new year would be a great time to get organised.  So my weigh in was completed and my measurements taken.  I even had the courage to take a “before” picture in my swimmers, however doing it yourself, in the mirror, is really hard and so they didn’t turn out very well.  Will get hubby to take them for me instead!  And whilst I’m not ready to post pics and stats, I have recorded them in my 12wbt journal and will share at a later date!


Ok, so my lovely DD is now asleep and I have had some time to ponder.  The big thought is goals for 12wbt and how to make them a reality.  So firstly, weight loss goal.  Originally I thought 10kgs would be a good goal.  In 12wks it seems easily achieveable and will allow for some ‘off’ wks.  But then I began thinking of pre-season.  4wks of pre-season is a good excuse to really get into it.  And then I eventually decided to begin in the New Year; so really I am beginning my journey 6wks before the ‘offical’ kick off date so the 10kg goal HAD to be revised!

I have now decided on a modest 15kg, which will still leave me 11kg shy of my ‘always goal’.  The ‘always goal’ is the one I have been aiming towards since I first joined Fernwood in 2008; and in 2009 I was 2kg away from it and I hovered 2kg away from it for some time!

Ok, so 15kg it is!  I believe it is very acheiveable in the given time (and I could prob go 20kg really) but I want the goal to also ‘feel’ achieveable so 15 it is!


To be successful in our goals we must have a plan of attack.  Mine is lots of cardio and clean eating.  I have recently discovered myfitnesspal and have been using that app on my phone to track all my food and cal intake.  I know already it is going to be an INVALUABLE tool in keeping my intake clean!  I ensure that once I have prepared food I enter it in the journal before I consume it, so I can’t forget!  Even things like cups of coffee/tea are going in!

I will also be completing mini goals.  One of them will be to climb Mt Cootha.  I did this with my PT a few yrs back with a backpack full of weights (20kgs i think) and it was fantastic!  It was full on as she was training for Kokoda at the time, but we had a heap of fun!  My 2nd is to climb Mt Coolum.  I’ve never tackled this one but my hubby did for work training and I’ve seen his pics from the top…AMAZING!

It will be incredibly important for me to avoid those who sabatage.  Such as my mum.  Now, dont get me wrong, shes a gem, she really is, but she also is old school (and old!) and comes from an era where they didn’t waste food and happy people were well fed people!  She LOVES to say “Eat Joanne, you only live once!”.  And my auto response is “Yes mum, but that doesn’t mean I have to live fat!”  It stresses me out as she is the same with my daughter (who is only 7 months old) so I find I have to be very strict with what she feeds her. 

So, to overcome my mum, when she pulls out the choc biscuits/dips/crackers etc from the cupboard, I’ve started saying “ohhh yumm!! but i JUST ate mum!!”  Which she will follow with, “oh well, next time you know not to eat before you come visit”.  Problem solved!  Well it seems to work so far!

So remember, to be successful, its imperative to have a PLAN; and stick to it!

In summary, my PLAN:

1.  Eat clean;

2. Cardio, cardio, cardio;

3. Mini goals & challenges;

4. Avoid those who sabotage or find ways to deal with them

Till next time, arrivederci!